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Arrows of God – Repost

In his commentary on Psalm 36 Origen is talking of Christian preachers under the metaphor of arrows of God. ‘All in whom Christ speaks, that is to say every upright man and preacher who speaks the word of God to … Continue reading

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Perception of Time/Waiting – Kathleen Norris

Our perception of time is subject to technological revision, and increased speed has generally translated into subtle diminishment of our capacity to appreciate our immediate surroundings. In his 1849 essay, “The English Mail Coach,” Thomas DeQuincey noted that while the … Continue reading

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Stages of Christian Maturity

I take this quote from Gary Thomas’ book, The Beautiful Fight p. 151 The ancients, better versed than most moderns in the reality of the human heart, talked about three stages of spiritual maturity. In the beginning, we make keep … Continue reading

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What does it mean to follow Jesus?

Is God A Reality In Your Everyday Life? Following Jesus. Obedience, trust, and love that flows from a God-changed, God redeemed heart. Obeying means doing what God tells you as revealed in Scripture, when he speaks to you, and through … Continue reading

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Christian Have You Fallen? Given In To Temptation? Christ Can Help You!

Hello, If you are a Christian and feel like your world is crashing in all around you (even if you’re not a Christian, Christ welcomes you), feel like you’re a slave to sin, that you can’t get out of an … Continue reading

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