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Measuring Delight

Oh how our views about God siffon off the eternal life that is waiting to burst forth in and through us!  But here’s an image for you and for me, one we should contemplate for our good. God our dear father … Continue reading

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The Basics

We get all out of sorts all of the time don’t we? Disoriented. We wonder where God is at, wonder why there seems to be no deepening in our relationship with him or much goodness blossoming in the world. Instead of walking … Continue reading

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Henri Nouwen – Downward Mobility

“The compassionate life is the life of downward mobility! In a society in which upward mobility is the norm, downward mobility is not only discouraged but even considered unwise, unhealthy, or downright stupid. Who will freely choose a low-paying job … Continue reading

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Properly Ordered Love

This is from my friend Karen Swallow-Prior. In On Christian Doctrine, St. Augustine defines justice as loving things in proper measure. In Book One of that work, Augustine writes, Now he is a man of just and holy life who forms an … Continue reading

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