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Christian Are You Toying With Adultery?

A few years ago I wrote an article for Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics blog entitled:”Toying With Adultery?” I offered some disciplines for keeping ourselves from opening Pandora’s Box of adultery. Recently, the Family Life Radio Network–broadcasting in Western New York and … Continue reading

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Particular Love

Imagine that you have recently moved to a big city for a new job. I am thinking about a place like the heart of New York City. Imagine that every day you had to use the elevator in your tall, … Continue reading

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Awake and Alert

Since February 21st, I’ve been fasting from FB and from Twitter updates. I’ve taken a partial break from blogging. It’s not because it’s┬áthe “popular” thing to do either. Since I am a writer, I interact with other writers and get … Continue reading

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