At Play In the Fields of the Lord!

I think about a lot of serious issues. I care deeply about the worldwide body of Christ. I want to be Jesus to others. Those who read my blog might ascertain a few things about me, like some of the issues I care about and think about. Perhaps some might think I am a killjoy ‘nary ever allowing laughter to escape from my mouth. However, what you may not know is that I laugh a lot, that I find people, including myself, funny. I know God laughs a lot. He celebrates. One day there will be a great wedding feast, where entire nations and people groups will celebrate. I am sure there’ll be singing and dancing and much laughter and much horseplay. I’ll never forget what my pastor in Rochester, NY, Russ Palsrok, said on Sunday morning. He said that we could be sure that Jesus danced at weddings. Jesus did partake of the wine that wasn’t mostly water. Up until that time, I had never pictured Jesus dancing. But that is what they did at Jewish weddings.

I think sometimes we forget that Jesus enjoyed himself in the midst of his calling. I wonder what Jesus found funny? The first question and answer in the Westminster Catechism calls us to love God and enjoy him forever. And an implication of loving and enjoying God is that we will love and enjoy others and life. That’s part of being fully human. So, if those of you who do not know me personally have found me to be dour, I apologize. Those who do know me know that I am not.

Blessings this day!

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