Jesus’ Temptations and Temptations We Face…

Soon I will begin contemplating Jesus’ temptations in the wilderness and how we are similarly tempted. I know much has been written about this across the centuries, but I too would like to reflect on it as I read what others have written. As I preach to myself, perhaps you may gain some nourishment from it. I did a quick google search on it and found this short gem from the Rev. William D. Oldland at: Speaking of the temptation for power he says:

Another name for this temptation is control. We want control over everything around us. We want people to notice us. We want the accolades. I call this the E.F. Hutton syndrome. When we walk into a room or say something our desire is for people to notice us. This temptation is very powerful. It occurs in homes and families. It occurs in business. It takes place in churches. Look at me. Look at all the things I do in the church. Look at how important I am in my own world. Another way this temptation rears its head is in addiction. We think we can control alcohol, drugs, sex, the compulsion to make money, or any other addiction. We are in control and nothing can control us.

Aren’t we all guilty of this? At one time I didn’t think power was a temptation for me. Ha! Usually when I don’t think that I struggle with something I soon find that I do.

As I reflect and hear from God on this topic, I hope to post my reflections. I am open to hearing from you, too.

Thank you.

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