Full of Yourself? The Last Will Be First – Words From Fenelon

I have often observed that a rude, ignorant sinner, just beginning to be touched by a lively sense of the love of God, is much more disposed to listen to the inward language of the Spirit of grace than those enlightened and learned persons who have grown old in their wisdom. God’s sole desire is to impart himself. He cannnot, so to speak, find where to set his foot in souls so full of themselves, who have grown fat upon their own wisdom and virtues. But, as the Scriptures say, “His secret is with the simple.”

But where are they? I do not know who they are, but God sees them and loves to dwell in them. “My Father and I,” says our Lord Jesus Christ, “will come unto him, and make our home with him.” Ah! a soul delievered from self, and abandoned to grace, counting itself as nothing, walking without its own thought, moving at the will of the that pure love which is its perfect Guide–that soul has an experience which the wise can neither receive nor understand!

From Talking With God – Francois Fenelon pp. 63-64.

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