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Celebrity, Consumerism, & Competition in the American Church

This is an excellent article from Mike Breen. Read his post here: The Obituary of the American Church: Celebrity, Consumerism, Competition. Let’s consider his wise words at the end of Lent.

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8 Principle Thoughts & Temptation

The Words of Abba Evagrius (d.399) “There are eight principle thoughts, from which all other thoughts stem. The first thought is of gluttony, the second, of fornication; the third, of love of money; the fourth, of discontent; the fifth, of … Continue reading

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On The Temptation of Power

I will continue to highlight the discipline of secrecy. However, I must say that Sharon Hodde-Miller’s article on power is excellent. Here is an excerpt: ” . . . worldly power is not a neutral entity. It has the potential … Continue reading

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Using God For Our Own Advancement

This is a follow up post from a question from Mark over at: He wondered what I or Henri Nouwen was getting at in my post “The Temptation To Be Relevant.” I posted an excerpt from Henri Nouwen’s book … Continue reading

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The Temptation To Be Relevant

These are Henri Nouwen’s words from his book, In The Name of Jesus. It is a book for Christian leaders. “Jesus’ first tempation was to be relevant, to turn stones into bread . . . . Aren’t we priests and … Continue reading

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