“But godliness with contentment is great gain.” — I Timothy 6:6

Do we despise what we have because of what we don’t have? That’s wrong. But isn’t it funny how the lack of one thing–a certain deprivation can discolor our world so that we are ungrateful? We become depressed. We hate our lives.

If we go on depressed because of that one thing that we do not have, we are wasting our lives. We are wasting moments of joy. We can be pretty godly–with little contentment. So in that way we’re not as godly as we could be.

Are we going to be miserable the rest of our lives because we don’t have that job, look, weight, virtue, relationship, money or success? Life is too short for that.

If we find ourselves steeped in a discolored negative world, let us begin to thank God for everything we can possibly think of. When we have a daily posture of gratitude, we begin to see millions of things all around us to thank God for.

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