Creativity of the Divine Imagination

Have you ever gone to an aquarium or looked inside a picture book to see different colors of fish? I remember seeing  a certain kind of fish at the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky ( I don’t remember its name). It is neon yellow with neon blue fins. The colors are beautiful. When I see amazing colors on fish or other animals like a peacock, I always think “Lord, you have Crayola Crayon Company beat.” They imitate what they’ve already seen. Crayola got its ideas for crayon colors from nature, from God’s creation. The Lord has the most beautiful mind, the most beautifully imaginiative mind.

 Other creatures I enjoy are seahorses. Aren’t they interesting? So little and curious. I think also of the creatures of the deep, creatures I’ll never see but that live everyday, going about their business. Some are not so eye-pleasing as the seahorse or little chipmunks, but God created them for his pleasure none the less. And when I think of animals, I wonder if they have a sensus divinitatus. I believe that is Calvin’s term for divine sense. Do they know or sense their creator? I have to think so. God loves his creation, human beings as well as animals.

One last thing, and I saw this the other day. I love watching a calf skip. “A calf skipping” is mentioned in Scripture too. Maybe in the Psalms or Isaiah. I can’t remember at this moment. God gives us creation and all things for our pleasure. Creation including human beings are gifts. Trees–old, old ones that have seen many things, are gifts.

Let us take pleasure in the creation God has gifted us with. That means getting outside. Then we’ll walk around in perpetual wonder and gratitude for the many gifts God has given us.

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