Cynical & Hostile Toward The Church?

You love Christ but find yourself cynical and even hostile towards the church. What are the problems and possible solutions in your opinion?

I am honestly interested in your thoughts. Leave them in the comment section.
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1 thought on “Cynical & Hostile Toward The Church?

  1. Thank you so much for asking this question. I’ve been contemplating it and discussing it with some of my good friends recently, so I’m glad you’re bringing it up.

    In my experience, the deepest pain in church situations comes from those within the church who are not being Christlike. This sums up why I can love Christ and yet feel negatively toward the church.

    The most common form of un-Christlikeness that I have seen, or at least the most common form which has been destructive in my life, is the use of religion to gain power for oneself. People abuse Christianity by setting up their own opinions and standards under the guise of “God’s law” or some equally spiritual-sounding phrase. Then they use biblical terminology and concepts to bully others into conforming to their personal standards. The worst of it is when people use their own artificial constructs and partial understanding to judge the eternal destiny of others. This all sounds so tragically un-Christian, but I have seen it over and over again. The sad part is that these behaviors are often mixed in with other aspects which are very good. There is a church I know very well in which I see both the abuse of Christianity for personal power and a genuine, vibrant, diverse community which encapsulates all the best that a church should be.

    As for solutions, I am in no position to offer any. This particular problem I’ve been talking about should mainly be addressed on a personal level, though i think the church has a responsibility to ensure that such abuse is not present in church leadership.

    Maybe when Christians learn humility and meekness some of this pain and alienation can cease.

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