Eagerness to love God – Words From Richard Rolle

“The devil has got hold of many whom we count good. For he possesses those who are merciful, chaste, and humble–self-confessed sinners to a man, of course, hair-shirted and penance-laden! Very often indeed are mortal wounds obscured by the odor of sanctity. The devil may have the busy worker, or even the compelling preacher, but not, surely the person whose heart is aglow with charity, ever eager to love God and indifferent to vanity. The eager love of the wicked, on the other hand, is always for what is shameful. They have ceased from all spiritual excercise, or at least are flabby and feeble. Their love has no pattern, being given more to things that are of this world than of the next, more to bodies than to souls.”

From Richard Rolle in Devotional Classics (edited by Richard Foster and James Bryan Smith p. 133, Harper SanFrancisco).

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