Enjoy Life.

While it is true that we suffer and have many setbacks, God has given us all things for our enjoyment. As I hinted at the other day, it is only when we are spiritually sick (keeping in mind that our physical states also affect us), that we despise or take for granted the good that we have. God has called us to follow him in obedience. In our obedient journey, there is much to celebrate and enjoy. We need not be somber all of the time. Jesus knew that he was going to die. He could’ve been depressed everyday. Not only by thoughts of his impending death, but by his apparent lack of success with numbers of converts and because of the constant harrassment and insult from those who opposed him. But again (as I’ve mentioned in the past), people were drawn to Jesus. He was so graciously truthful. I am sure he had a sense of humor. I wonder what it was like? What did he find funny? I bet he marveled at his creation, just like I marvel at the miracle of my daughter and other children.  Was he steeped into an awe-full silence at a mere glimpse of the earth’s beauty? Was there a stray dog that was his favorite? What was Jesus like at a Jewish wedding? Was he a wall flower or did he let loose with joy in the middle of the floor? Did he get the urge to dance every time he heard tambourines and flutes playing? He probably loved music and loved dancing. In his miracle at Cana, he showed many things, but one thing he demonstrated was that he wasn’t opposed to a good party. Why do you think he was called a drunkard (the son of man came eating and drinking . . .)?  Jesus enjoyed those things that were to be enjoyed and we should, too. He was without sin, but not stuffy and somber and staid. He was joy-full, even celebratory. He loved and enjoyed his Father, others, and life!

In his book Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster says that joy comes from obedience. He also has this to say:

The spirit of celebration will not be in us until we have learned to be “careful for nothing.” And we will never have a carefree indifference to things until we trust God . . . . When we determine to dwell on the excellent things in life, we will be so full of those things that they will tend to swallow our problems . . . . The decision to set the mind on the higher things in life is an act of the will. That is why celebration is a discipline. It is not something that falls on our heads. It is the result of a consciously chosen way of thinking and living.

p. 195

May we learn to love and enjoy God, others, and life!

2 thoughts on “Enjoy Life.

  1. Love this post! I just responded to your blog on the Christianity Today site (which I sort of disagreed with but still appreciated)! I hope it didn’t come off as hostile; I just wanted to offer another perspective. Meanwhile, I love your post here. It resonates with my “daily flair” project that helps others find joy in common moments. http://www.livewithflair.blogspot.com/

  2. Wow…this is exactly what God has been working with me on over the past few weeks (learning to trust Him, and therefore being able to enjoy current circumstances). Are you sure He didn’t put you up to posting this? ;oP

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