Gleanings From George E. Ladd

These are some words of wisdom from George E. Ladd (1911-1982) in his book, The Gospel of the Kingdom

The Kingdom of God:

1. God’s reign
2. Our present experience of God’s blessings
3. The Future kingdom

p. 22

Eternal Life:

“To have eternal life, you must cut yourself loose from all other loyalties and follow me.” Matthew 19:16 p.68


“Love seeks the welfare of its objects of concern . . . even an enemy” p. 90

Evil Attitudes:

“Where there is an evil attitude toward one another there is sin.” p. 82


“You can truly forgive a man only when you act in love. If you do not look upon him with love, you do not really forgive even though you profess to do so.” p. 91

What Jesus Demands In Following Him:

“Jesus demanded a resolute decision, an intelligent decision, one not lightly made.” p. 98

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