Hell & Contentment

blessings plural of bless·ing (Noun)

1. God’s favor and protection.
2. A prayer asking for such favor and protection.

This is hell: to not see or refuse to see God right in front of us. To be ungrateful for his millions of blessings all around us. Surrounded by God but not seeing him. Surrounded by God but having contempt for him because he is the potter and we are the clay when really we live like we wish the opposite to be true.

This is hell: to think badly and rudely and harshly of God when he is full of love, joy, grace, and compassion and will freely give us all things. He is a just judge.

We must think magnificently of God. He is more magnificent and good then we can imagine.

This is hell: to have eternal treasures before us–all goodness–all beauty–all truth and to refuse it. That is what Satan did. And what we do time after time.

God help us to see and be grateful.

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