Idolatry Creeping In

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind.” Matthew 22:37

Is idolatry creeping in or have I just become aware of it? I think I’ve just become aware of it. Isn’t that how it always is? The idolatry has to do with the desire of my heart–a desire that I am convinced God birthed. So that is a good thing, right? It is of him. However, when I start to try to control how and when it comes about (in an unhealthy sort of way I mean), when my mood is determined by whether or not I perceive progress to be taking place, that is a red flag indicating it is becoming an idol. The good thing is stealing my time and attention and joy because it is not materializing at the rate at which I desire. Is it stealing my love of God? Is it becoming a love? Am I loving the gift more than the giver? Well, the fact that progress or lack of progress is controlling my moods means something is seriously wrong. Idolatry lurks. I should not be controlled by my ambition, a godly ambition at that, I need to be controlled by God. How cunning is Satan, how cunning are my own desires and ways. Idolatry can be clothed as an angel of light. In fact, it most often is. We may not bow down to an image, but we may bow to circumstances. Bowing to circumstances and even godly ambitions, instead of God, is idolatry. Think of pastors who neglect their families for church or even someone who is a workaholic, doing good things for everyone else save her or his own family.

So daily, sometimes momentarily, I have to check myself or rather stand before God so that his holy light can penetrate the darkness residing within me. I must love him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. I have to obey, lest in enouraging others to follow Christ, I myself become disqualified in the race. It is a scary thought and real possibility in me and in all of us.

I have asked him what he wants me to do. I believe he is in the process of answering.

Let none of us think we are incapable of idolatry. It’s when we’re following God whole-heartedly that we can be most tempted–just like Jesus in the desert.

6 thoughts on “Idolatry Creeping In

  1. Thank you for visiting my website. And thank you for your nice comments. Yes, all the pictures in my blog are from my camera.

    I enjoyed readng what you posted in “Idolatry Creeping In”. Yes, whatever comes between me and God is my idol. It can be anything…time, material things, work, money,etc. And it’s so easy to justify my actions. But if we would FIRST seek the kingdom of God AND His righteousness, then all these things will be added to us.

    God bless you.


  2. I have the same problem: I become sure that Christ wants me to pursue some path, related to the gifts he has given me, and then it becomes stressful – which must mean I am impatient with how God chooses to remake me?

  3. Truth.
    and it is so easy to not realize idolatry until its pretty much a part our lifestyle.


    thanks for the reminder that not only do we have to be vigilant, but that we aren’t alone in our struggles.


  4. That red flag of emotional attachment– I’ve had that, too! I noticed it at a point when my kid’s behaviors sapped my joy–how low had I sunk that my kids were my idols, but they were! God graciously draws us back to Himself, tho. Truly, our hearts are deceitful and desperately wicked. Your post was an insightful caution. Thanks!

  5. This sure is a daily battle- however, I have found that when I fast – and I mean really fast – I feel purged of idols. Fasting to me is like the idolatry delete button of the spiritual life.

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