Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkani To Be Executed & Slaughter in Syria

Please let’s pray fervently for our brother, Youcef Nadarkani and ask God to intervene on his behalf and on behalf of Iranian Christians. He has been re-sentenced to death for leaving Islam and can be executed at any time. Scripture tells us to remember those who are in prison as if we ourselves were in prison.

O God our Father maker of heaven and earth, the one who holds all things in your hands, we ask that in the name of Jesus, you intervene on behalf of Pastor Nadakhani, his family, and the Iranian people. Save his life. Thank you for his faithfulness to you. He is an example to us. We can’t imagine his suffering or the suffering of his family, but we pray that you’d give them peace and your church peace. May good overcome evil and may the Iranian church flourish. Jesus we ask this in your high and holy name. Amen.

If you haven’t heard about him, you can find out more information here on CNN:

Pastor Nadarkhani

As Christians we cannot remain silent or prayer-inactive about what is happening in Syria. The Syrian government is slaughtering innocent people–mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, babies and grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. We need to cry out on their behalf too!

O Father, we feel helpless to do anything for the Syrian people. We have no worldly power. We cannot move the hearts of rulers. But you can. Jesus you are King of kings and Lord of lords. King Solomon says that the hearts of kings are like channels of water in your hands. Father, we pray that you’d intervene on behalf of the Syrian people. Their blood cries out from the land just as Abel’s blood cried out when Cain slaughtered him. Father, there is much evil in the world, violence in the hearts of humankind. The insatiable desire for power and control leads to great evil. Jesus! May your kingdom come in Syria. May you move on behalf of the innocents. You alone can bring peace in the midst of human hate and evil. Jesus you are our only hope. We have and they have nothing without you. We ask this in your name. Amen.

See story from CNN here:
Why Isn’t the World Intervening in Syria?

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