Jesus’ Feasting . . . Our Feasting

These are the words of Jean Vanier from his and Stanley Hauerwas’ book, Living Gently in a Violent World (IVP 2008):

“I want to begin by saying something about knowing and not knowing. I love chapter two of the Gospel of John when Jesus brings the disciples to a wedding feast. It is a wonderful moment of celebration and relaxation, showing us that our life is to be enjoyed and that we are all called to feast. At the wedding feast of unity, people drink lots and laugh and have fun. It is a time of togetherness and friendliness. And I imagine that Jesus came to this feast to have fun. I don’t think he looked at his watch (which he didn’t have) and said, ‘I must hurry and do a miracle there because they need me!’ No, Jesus at Cana was having fun. Mary saw that the wine was running out, knew that the family would be humiliated, and asked Jesus to do something about it. There’s something profoundly human about Jesus–the first thing he does in John’s Gospel is to turn water into wine so a bride’s father won’t be embarrassed.” p. 22

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