Mellowness of Heart

Mellowness of heart flows from trusting that we belong not to ourselves but to God, and that we are not entitites that stand alone but are part of the whole that connects us to each other and to creation . . . . Richard Foster describes fulfillment that comes from losing oneself in a perpetual vision of the holy. “We are catapulted into something infinitely larger and more real than our petty existence. A blazing God-consciousness frees us from self-consciousness. It is freedom. It is joy. It is life.” As we grow less preoccupied with ourselves, we are filled with wonder at the God who created us and that surrounds us . . . . As we grasp this joyful reality, we become less self-conscious about our successes and failures, our popularity or lack of popularity. We see God in the hard times as well as the good.

Lisa Graham McMinn The Contented Soul: The Art of Savoring Life p. 60

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