Some Truth About The Christian College Experience

I work on the campus of a Christian university. I love the students and my coworkers. It’s a great place. But I need parents to know: it’s not heaven on earth. Some parents think that by sending their precious babies to a Christian school or university that they’ll protect their children from evil in the world. It’s not true. Evil and brokeness are within all of us and therefore within our Christian institutions.

So, everything that students experience on a secular college campus is here. The difference is that hopefully, the administration/faculty/staff handle it from a Christo-centric perspective. More times than not that is the case, yet even that isn’t always guaranteed to happen.

Students struggle with porn, drug addictions, from parental abuse, depression, cutting, gender identity, lawlessness, drinking, stealing, hypocrisy, legalism, arrogance, materialism, greed, perfectionism, doubt, premarital sex etc. Yes, even students from Christian homes. We want to model following Jesus to our students, but parents must remember that the school environment is not Jesus the Messiah. It doesn’t save their students. Each student has the responsibility to follow Jesus. The school is not going to follow Jesus for them.

And while I think a Christian university is a wonderful thing for many, for some it is more damaging than a secular institution. For some, being at a secular university is better than being at a Christian one. Deciding whether or not to send your child to a Christian university is a process that requires discernment.

4 thoughts on “Some Truth About The Christian College Experience

  1. Mmm girl, I agree. There are two “types” I ran into during my time at school. First, there is some danger of knowingly or unknowingly becoming a Pharisee. That is, using God to attain a great name for yourself. I know that can be a big danger for an RA. Another danger comes with rebellion against what is perceived as the “norm.” Many students who dislike the hypocrisy they are surrounded with rebel in order to not be like the holier-than-thou crowd. But these dangers can be fought, I guess, with prayer.

    Christian college was really fantastic for me because it helped me escape a sinful cycle and develop a lifestyle patterned after Christ’s disciples. Admittedly, it is not an environment where everyone can thrive — but in my instance, it offered some skills that were not available to me at earlier stages in my life.

  2. I went to a Christian university and I totally agree with you. 🙂

    Thanks for joining The High Calling–I look forward to get to know you better as you have time to interact with the community.

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