Spiritual Fog

During Lent I will not be writing new posts but will be scheduling old posts to be reposted. These are some that I think are dandy. Blessings to you these 40 days as you walk with Christ through the wilderness.

Last week while in Rochester, NY for my husband’s Ph.D. graduation, we made our way east on the SeawayTrail to Pultneyville, NY. We were headed to Bob Foreman park where we could eat lunch with an unobstructed view of Lake Ontario. Prior to moving and having our daughter Iliana, we’d picnic there on Sundays or during a weekday when we were both off. I’d read or pray or nap as I lazily listened to the waves lap the shore. Not only is the park one of our favorite places, but the drive there is, too. However, last week as we made our way there, we couldn’t see the lake because of fog. It was sunny, around sixty degrees and 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon. Yet, the fog hadn’t lifted! Shawn was disappointed; so was I. We had been telling our three-year-old daughter Iliana and his mother (grandma) about our favorite place.

We kept driving anyway hoping to see the lake when we arrived. We couldn’t! From the parking lot, one always gets a good view of the lake. Not that day! I think visibility was about five feet. We walked right up to the edge of the two to three foot drop-off to the rocky beach. We could barely see the water from there. Shawn, Iliana, and grandma continued down to the water’s edge to skip rocks. I decided to sit down on a bench and contemplate the water I couldn’t see because of the fog. I’d wait for the sun to burn off the fog while we were there.

I couldn’t see beautiful Lake Ontario because of the fog although it was right in front of me. That happens when we are in a spiritual fog. Remember Joseph (whom I often recall)? He thought he was going to get out of jail but was forgotten. He thought after he interpreted the dream for the cupbearer that he’d be out. Not so. Spiritual fog can result from disobedience, or it can result from the disappointment withGod when he doesn’t act or answer the way we expected him too. We’ve obeyed. We’ve prayed. We’ve served. Still nothing. We can’t see a thing. Can’t see an answer. That day, I was reminded that the answer can be right in front of our eyes, but we may not see it. Lake Ontario was right in front of us, but we couldn’t see it because of the thick blanket of fog. We had to wait for the sun to burn off the fog and it started to before we left, although not completely.

We have to wait for God to burn off the spiritual fog, the fog of confusion or disillusionment. Then we’ll able to see. But he does it in his time. And when he does, we’ll see clearly. Even if it’s from the vantage point of the next life.

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