Trippin’ Through The Web Thursdays

There is a lot of good writing and reflection out there this week. Or so it seems to me.

1. Here’s one of the most insightful articles I’ve read in a long while. It’s by Sammy Rhoades. “Tweeting Myself to Death: The Rise & Fall of @prodigalsam.”

2. Scot McKnight over at Jesus Creed takes on the Christian publishing industry, writing,”There is no correlation between big platforms and good books; there is a correlation between big platforms and sales; it’s time for good books to get the upper hand.”

3. Elizabeth Tenety has an excellent reflection over at the Washington Post about Pope Francis. She says,”Without Jesus, there is no Pope Francis.” What we love about Pope Francis is that he lives so much like Jesus. And we want to be like Jesus. I am thrilled TIME Magazine chose him as the Person of the Year.

4. “8 Powerful Photos Shine Light On the People Most New Yorkers Never See.” Indeed, these are powerful and sobering. They should change the way we see our world. I encourage you to look at the photos with their descriptions.

5.“The Lesson of Driscoll’s Plagiarism: A Rant on Rejecting Celebrity Leadership.” David Fitch has some great things to say about the cult of Christian Celebrity. It is definitely worth the read.

6. Tiffany Brown-Erickson has been a guest writer on my blog for the last two Fridays. She is writing about corrupt Christian leaders and she is also such an excellent writer. Here’s a taste of her wisdom and her writing: “When Wolves Wear Fleece or Cashmere.” Stay tuned for her third installment.

Do you have any suggestions of what we should read? Leave your suggestions in the comment section!

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