What Kind of Life Do You Live? What Defines You?

For some reason I’ve always been acutely aware of my life fading. I am naturally inclined, as the Scripture puts it, “to number my days.” We begin to die the moment we are born. As Psalm 78 says, we are a “passing breeze that does not return.” These weighty thoughts could turn us into despairing indolents. After all, why should we try for anything?

I wonder how early on Jesus became conscious of his mission to die for us? I don’t know. He could’ve been depressed his entire life with what he had to face. But he wasn’t. He enjoyed himself. He went to parties, he welcomed children. In fact, he enjoyed himself so much that the religious leaders accused him of wine bibery, of drunkeness .

Because of this knowledge of the shortness of life and because a string of recent events have littered the landscape of life with billboards proclaiming that life is short and that we’re vulnerable, I’ve thought again about how I seek to live. I want to simplify my life in order to enjoy it. Given that overarching perspective:

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