Jesus Asleep In The Boat

“And a great storm developed on the sea so that the waves began to swamp the boat. But he was asleep.” Matthew 8:24

I always wondered how Jesus could sleep on the stern of the boat with water spraying his face, in the midst of howling winds and rain, thunder claps, and bolts of lightning that threatened to electrocute anyone or anything within striking distance. I am sure the disciples were shouting instructions over the howling wind, instructions for keeping the boat afloat. It seemed humanly impossible for him to be sleeping. But, if I think further, than I think “not necessarily.” I know girls who have slept through fire drills. Jesus was probably so exhausted that the weather conditions didn’t rouse him right away. And also, he didn’t fear the elements because he knew that his Father was in control of all things.

The more mature our faith, the more trust and calm we exhibit in the midst of the most terrifying storms in life. But maybe not at the onset of the storm. At the outset, we might have little faith like the disciples. But as we are open to God’s infusion of grace into our lives, as we read Scripture, and pray, and commune with the body of Christ and remember all the times that God has been faithful to us in our lives, we’ll exhibit a calm, a confidence in our God, despite the hell around us or in us (by in us, I think of diseases or mental illnesses, or fears that rise up).

We shouldn’t be overly upset if the storm initially strikes terrifying fear into us. But when that fear comes, we need to go to God, go to his word, go to the body of Christ, that we might be reoriented. As time goes by, we’ll be astounded at God’s grace that brings about the peace that is beyond all comprehension, a peace in the midst of humanly terrifying conditions. Temptations not to trust God will come, but let us remain steadfast in our trust.

When we do, it shows that we have matured and continue to mature.

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