Quotes From Edward John Parnell

I am reading through an old journal, my journal from late 2007 and 2008. Apparently, I read a book called The Kingdom of Love and Pride of Life by Edward John Parnell. I don’t remember reading it, but I found some lovely quotes and now I want to read it again. I think the book was written in 1960. I imagine I plucked it off of my mother-in-law’s book shelf. She has saved all of her college books and textbooks and also those of my now deceased father-in-law. It pays to write down quotes and their sources. Now I can go back to the book!

“A happy life is a shared life.” p. 44

“Fellowship is a vital sharing of lives.” p. 46

“A person’s secrets remain hidden until he chooses to reveal them, and he will only reveal them when he is treated like a person.” p.47

“The more we love a person, the more we know him.” p.48

“A child is . . . content to accept things as they are.” p. 49

Also, today I headed an hour 20 minutes west to Earlham School of Religion in Richmond, Indiana for a Writing Colloquium. I really appreciated the seminars I attended and the people I met (many from Ohio, not all Quakers, but I did love the many Quaker brothers and sisters that I met). Also, Julia Kasdorf’s talk (she is a poet) gave me a lot to think about. When I go to a writer’s conference, I see and feel that I am truly a writer. I thank God for that confirmation.

Two things that I like about Indiana: St. Meinrad’s Monastery and Earlham School of Religion’s Writer’s Colloquium. Yay!

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