When It’s Hard To Pray.

I will continue the story about my life very soon. But I thought it important to include this today instead. Below is a comment (with a little bit more editing on my part) that I made to Kate over at Between The Lines. She was discussing the place she finds herself in right now. It’s a place where it is hard to pray. I am sure most of us have been in that situation. But then we must remember that praying is much more than we are often taught. 

Remember too that your soul groans and that you can pray through silence. Your wonder at God’s earth, your thankfulness for friends, your service to them (using your potatoes), your listening ear, your heart that leaps for joy at goodness and weeps over evil–it is a life of prayer. If prayer is a conversation then there are times when you will be listening. Maybe it’s your turn to listen. I know I’ve been in that situation. The soul that loves God communes with him…it’s sort of like being in a room with someone you love. You don’t always have to speak…but there is a closeness.

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