Marlena has written close to 200 articles and devotions – not all are cited here and many are archived. Please contact the magazine/website directly if you need a copy of one that is archived.

  1. Interviewed by Sarah Jones of NYMag: White Evangelicals Made a Deal With the Devil. Now What?
  2. Featured in The Christian Century: How do we grieve the hundreds of thousands of people the COVID-19 pandemic has killed?
  3. Propel Mag: Confessing the Secret Hater In Me
  4. Christianity Today: Don’t Let Jean Vanier (or Other Heroes) Off the Hook
  5. Relevant Mag: Jesus Was More Radical Than You Think
  6. LifeSomethings: A Conversation with Marlena Graves, about her new book, THE WAY UP IS DOWN
  8. In Touch Magazine: ‘The Tender Way’
  9. Dan Salerno’s Lifesomethings Blog: Covid-19 Impacts Farm & Meat Processing Workers: Interview with Marlena Graves
  10. Mudroom Blog: Valor’s Unsettling Saints
  11. Missio Alliance: ‘A Saving Practice Amid a Heavy Lenten Season’
  12. Christianity Today: ‘Don’t Let Jean Vanier (or Other Heroes) Off the Hook
  13. Interview with Reuters: “Christianity Today’s split with Trump highlights deeper issue in white evangelical America”
  14. In Touch Magazine Jan/Feb 2020 issue “Everyday Pharisees”
  15. Dan Salerno’s Lifesomethings Blog: “A Conversation With Marlena Graves.” 
  16. Faith in Public Life – “Women of Faith Rally in Defense of Immigrant Children”
  17. Christianity Today:  Her.meneutics Blog now CT Women, Print,  all my writing – over 86 articles/mentions
  18. Our Daily Bread’s Our Daily Journey: 50 devotional contributions
  19. 8 Questions For Walter Brueggemann, Faith Street: “It’s Not A Matter of Obeying the Bible”
  20. Rachel Held Evans’s blog: “Why I Fasted for Families.”
  21. Micha Boyett’s Mama Monk blog: “One Good Phrase (May You Flourish).”
  22.  Relevant “Protecting Our Shivering Neighbors”
  23. Gifted For Leadership CT The Gender Ghetto in the Church”
  24. Gifted For Leadership CT : “3 Temptations of Leadership: Envy” 
  25. Gifted For Leadership CT: “3 Temptations of Leadership: Abuse of Power
  26. Gifted For Leadership CT: “3 Tempations of Leadership: Pride” 
  27. The Banner Magazine “Waiting on God.”
  28. The Conversations Journal Blog “Sending Spectral Fears Into Flight”
  29. The Conversations Journal Blog  “Forced Desert Retreats”
  30. The Conversations Journal Blog   “Wilderness Cell”
  31. The Clergy Journal: Two homilies for Advent 2010 and two homilies for Lent 2011 (four total)
  32.  “A Hundred Times as Much” published in the book Macchiato      Moments: A Circle of Friends Devotion.
  33. “Smoke Signals—God Doesn’t Disregard Our Prayers” Our Circle of Friends Blog