Audio Recordings – Not a complete list

  1. Fascinating Podcast: The Way Up Is Down With Marlena Graves
  2. Sucker Punched Podcast: Covid-19: I Just Want To Go Outside!
  3. The Hope Podcast:  Hope In Seeking Justice. Host: Lina Abujamra
  4. Plenary Speaker at Northeastern Seminary’s B.T. Robert’s Symposium. In March 2019: Just Who Is My Neighbor?
  5. James Prescott Podcast: Marlena Graves on Her Beautiful Disaster
  6. Ever Voice Now: Enneagram Reflections from THREE Authors of Color? Yes, Please!
  7. Freedom Road Podcast: Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality
  8. Renovaré Podcast with Nathan Foster: The Way Up Is Down
  9. Her Story Podcast: Interview with Marlena Graves
  10. Ing Podcast: Humbling
  11. Writing at the Red House: My Best Writing Advice – Know Your Enneagram Number
  12. Chasing Justice: God Kept Me: Sustainable Justice
  13. Inverse Podcast: The Only Way Up is Dow‪n‬
  14. Messy Jesus Business: The Dangers of Money, Power and Influence
  15. Ancient Faith Today Live: He Must Increase. I Must Decrease.
  16. Englewood Review: with Marlena Graves and Tim Soerens
  17. Lisa Colon DeLay, Spark My Muse: The Way Up is Down; Guest, Marlena Graves
  18. Poema Podcast: Marlena Graves on Why The Way Up Is Down
  19. The Zeitcast with Jonathan Martin: The Way Up Is Down with Marlena Grave‪s‬
  20. Ancient Faith Ministries: The Way Up Is Down
  21. Casey Tygrett: Marlena Graves On Losing Ourselves to Find Ourselves In This Present Moment
  22. Missio Alliance: Marlena Graves, On Laying Down Our Lives For Others During a Trump Administration
  23. HerStory Podcast Marlena Graves – Her Story Speaks
  24. Around the Circle Podcast Experts | Type 9 Marlena Graves — Around the Circle

Video Content: Not a complete list

  1. Called to be a Community Advocate
  2. Reading Hope in Trying Times
  3. Reclaiming Evangelicalism
  4. A Charge To The Christian Community: A Conversation About Injustice & Racial Reconciliation
  5. A Charge To The Christian Community: Social Justice & Racial Reconciliation
  6. The Full Life: Author Marlena Graves & How to Fast
  7. Interview with Cara Meredith: A conversation with my friend Marlena Graves
  8. Faith in Public Life: ¡En la Lucha! Faith, Power and Resistance
  9. Faith, Hope, and Love During an Election – Conversation with Marlena Graves
  10. The Passion Center, The Church Defined Series: Church as Familia
  11. JustUs Talks: “Now, with God’s help, I shall become myself.”
  12. Excerpt from The Way Up Is Down: Beginning of Chap. 3, ‘All Flame’ from my book, The Way up Is Down
  13. Administration Trying To Separate Families Again. Let’s Stop It!
  14. Paths to Restoration: Marlena Graves and Ed Cyzewski
  15. Facebook Live: Let us hear and do! Obey God.