A True Disciple of Jesus

In a talk entitled, “The Dust of a Rabbi” Ray Vander Laan says this:

“How badly do you want to be like Jesus? Does it consume you 24-7, wondering how you can be more like Jesus? Do you find yourself asking, how can I be like Jesus in this setting? If not, we’re not disciples. I am not questioning our salvation, but we are not disciples. “

I thought it was very interesting and convicting to find out, through Ray’s talk, that by the time 1st century Jewish boys were 12 years old, they had to have the Old Testament memorized. I believe that even now, those who want to be rabbis do. We know very little scripture compared to such people. I want to know God’s word. I want to know Jesus through his word.

May we hide God’s word in our hearts so that we do not sin against him and so that we might be little Christs here on earth.

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