Peace and Contentment are Possible in this World

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men (human beings). Luke 2:14 KJV

Compared to some, my little family and I don’t have very much. And compared to others, we are materially rich beyond measure.

But here’s how we’re eminently wealthy: we have peace in our souls and in our household-though we’ve endured great suffering recently. There is a contentment brought to us by the love of God and through our knowledge of him. And it’s not like we are somehow privileged. God offers this to you, too–even in the midst of difficulties. He offers us peace and contentment in him. God has nothing but good will toward you. He seeks the welfare of everyone of us.

Think about how Jesus brought love and goodness to everyone with whom he interacted. Of course some were suspicious of him, he who turned out to be God, and so rejected him. But to those who accepted the life he offered, he gave the power to become the sons and daughters of God. He gave them, and gives us, abundant life.

He shows us how to live in the strains of daily life and amid the more difficult times-even crisis. He gives us the power to live an abundant eternal kind of life. Some of us will have to work through things among good people for peace and contentment to reign in our souls. I write this to let you know that it is possible even if everything isn’t perfect in your life-even if your life seems like a living hell this moment. It doesn’t have to remain this way. There is more to life than this.

I almost teared up on this frigid night realizing that if I never see another day, that I have really lived. I don’t have need of anything else (except to grow in grace). I’ve tasted and seen that God is good. I have so much. I am grateful and content. I pray for the same in your life.

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