Christian Have You Fallen? Given In To Temptation? Christ Can Help You!


If you are a Christian and feel like your world is crashing in all around you (even if you’re not a Christian, Christ welcomes you), feel like you’re a slave to sin, that you can’t get out of an illegitimate relationship, that you’re consumed by an addiction, if you feel like there is no help, please stop a second. There is hope for you. Christ can set you free. But freedom comes at an expense. It’ll be a painful process of restoration and redemption, but it is possible. Nothing is too hard for God (Jer. 32:27), not even your sin or situation. If you are a pastor or church leader who is sinning, having an affair, addicted to porn, stealing, trying to share the gospel but hollow yourself–whatever–you know you need to get help to stop. You’re not beyond Christ’s redemption either. God can go into your hell to pull you out. Help usually comes from the Christian community, when you confess your sins to someone trustworthy, someone who can handle what you’re going to tell them. But the first step is that you have to admit to yourself and to God what you are doing is sinful, and that you need help. Then confess it to a trustworthy believer.

I live in the United States. I heard a pastor named Chuck Swindoll give a sermon today about this very subject. I recommend that you listen to it. If you need prayer, you have a sister here who is willing to pray for you! Here is the link to the sermon:

And here’s the title and a brief synopsis:
Getting Through Tough Stuff of Disqualification 3

Monday, April 26, 2010 Disqualified. The mere mention of the word stirs up strong emotions. No matter the situation, the word smacks the shame, humiliation, and the worst kind of failure. The Scriptures call us to be like Christ, but they also offer warnings regarding disqualification. Some of us wrongly claim immunity from such attitudes; others of us believe we are beyond help. Paul reminds us that God’s faithfulness provides a way through the temptations that lead to disqualification. Series: Getting Through the Tough Stuff: It’s Always Something!

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