Discontentment, Greed, & Idolatry

Have you ever wanted something, a good thing, desperately? Has your desire for that good thing been thwarted or unfulfilled for some reason or another? When our desire for that good thing goes unfulfilled does that lack send us into a tailspin? Do we despise all the other good things we have simply because we don’t have that one good thing? If so, that’s idolatry. We’ve taken a good thing and lifted it up to the position of God. We let possession of it or lack of possesion of it call the shots; it dictates how we feel on any given day. We no longer appreciate the thousands of blessings around us because we don’t have one blessing, that blessing. That is idolatry and I think that is why Paul, somewhere in the New Testament, calls greed idolatry.

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