Dorothy Greco: What If Our Dreams Cost More Than We Imagine?

Today’s Friday Feature post is from Dorothy Greco. It is a piece she had published over at Relevant. I too have felt that I’ve lived Joseph’s life in some ways, have you? I’ve felt imprisoned and forgotten by God only to later see magnificent deliverances. During my imprisonment though, I never thought I’d see the light of day. I really appreciate the insights Dorothy draws out. She writes:

“Like Joseph, we are tempted to fixate on the culminating moment, imagining the tangible metrics such as respect, notoriety, wealth and the power to affect change. There’s nothing immoral about any of these expectations, and sometimes it does play out this way. But Joseph’s life illustrates that as we pursue our dreams in the context of following God, our sometimes precious expectations might be obliterated.”

See the rest over at Relevant.

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