Ennui ~ Acedia or Sloth ~ A Definition

When we come to think of it, conversation between [Adam and Eve] must have been difficult . . . because they had nobody to talk about. If we exiled our neighbors permanently from our discussions, we should soon be reduced to silence; and if we confined ourselves even to laudatory remarks, we should probably but say little . . . . Here, indeed, is the very soul and essence of ennui; not the virtuous sentiment which revolts at the disclosure of another’s faults, but deep and deadly ennui of life which welcomes evil as a distraction. The same selfish lassitude which made the gladiatorial combats a pleasant sight for the jaded eyes that witnessed them finds relief for its tediousness today in the swift destruction of confidence and reputation.

~ Agnes Repplier quote found in Kathleen Norris’ Acedia and Me p. 301.

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