Japan. Self-Denial. Humility. Charity.

There has been a horrific earthquake and tsunami in Japan. With the world I pray for those immediately affected and as well as family and friends far an near. Lord have mercy on them and send your help! May we help however we can.

Here is William Law to tell us about what such a Christ-life would look like:

William Law (1686-1761)

“If self-denial be a condition of salvation, all that would be saved must make it a part of their ordinary life. If humility be a Christian duty, then the common life of a Christian is to be a constant course of humility of all kinds. If poverty of spirit be necessary, it must be the spirit and temper of every day of our lives. If we are to relieve the naked, the sick, and the prisoner, it must be the common charity of our lives, as far as we can render ourselves able to perform it. If we are to love our enemies, we must make our common life a visible exercise and demonstration of that love. If content and thankfulness, if the patient bearing of evil be duties to God, they are the duties of every day and in every circumstance of our life. If we are to be wise and holy as the newborn sons of God, we can no otherwise be so but by renouncing everything that is foolish and vain in every part of our common life. If we are be in Christ new creatures, we must show that we are so by having new ways of living in the world. If we are to follow Christ, it must be our common way of spending every day.”

A Serious Call To A Devout And Holy Life p. 51-52.

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