Living Our Theology

You know, we live out our theology (what we believe about God). Our thoughts about God are related to our everyday life. Do we see God as generous or do we take him to be tight-fisted? Is he crazy in love with us, wishing for our best, or is he waiting just to strike us down with a lightning bolt? Is he only chummy with us or  transcendent too? Do we really believe that we’re supposed to put off anger, rage, malice, and greed which is idolatry and then clothe ourselves with humility, patience and kindness (Colossians 3)? Or do we believe it is fine to make intellectual assents to the gospel but live like the Devil? Do we believe that God is capable of changing us, that he has the power to do so, or do we think those are unbelievable words that scripture utters? Do we really believe that God allows us the option of loving or not loving our neighbors? We cannot transform ourselves. That is God’s work. But, we have to allow him to transform us in and through Jesus. We have to make the choice to put off anger etc…and then God’s grace helps us. We have to make the decision to clothe ourselves with humility and God gives us the power to drape humility over our shoulders. And sometimes, he works despite us and our bad decisions.

How is our theology affecting us? Are there points where we might be off? Let us ask God to show us.

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