Monastic Mentality Saves The World

A Repost:

When I was younger, I couldn’t figure out why on earth certain monks and nuns took vows of silence. It seemed like an empty ritual. How foolish I was! I now realize these silent monastics are acutely aware of the toxic waste that flows from their mouths. They keep silence to save the earth. Perhaps I should join them.

Advice to those of us who consider ourselves righteous but have no control of the tongue: Let’s be eco-friendly. Let’s keep our mouths shut!

3 thoughts on “Monastic Mentality Saves The World

  1. I think in these day of so much talk, it is essential to have time out. In my experience people speak before they listen, give advice when they are not asked to and have lost the art of just being there. Now that sound very monastic coming from a reformed baptist like me:) Blessings

  2. Lyndsey,

    I agree with what you’ve said. There are some that need to practice silence for a while so that they can filter what they say. I think most often of people who do not think or filter before they speak. But then there are those who need to speak up for they’ve been silent too long. I think the practice of silence helps us know when to speak. It keeps us from contributing to the death and toxicity on the earth. I want to give words of life and light like you say.

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