Musings of a Wannabe Author

So I am a writer ( alot more than that of course). That is what God has called me to do. I’ve spoken my writing on radio and it has been well-received. I have spoken my writing at churches and retreats and it has been well-received. I have spoken my writing at seminars and it has been well-received. I’ve sent my book proposals to two major Christian publishing houses and they’ve said I am an excellent writer, like the best in my field…but I am a nobody (those are my words), I don’t have an audience built already…so no go on publishing. The content and quality of the writing aren’t enough. I have to have an audience before I write the book.

You know, I don’t fault the editors, and I thank them for highly commending my writing. Their commendations are a beautiful, beautiful, gift since I didn’t go to school to be a writer. I am sure there are books these editors want to see published. But they are thwarted in their recommendations because the publishing houses don’t want to take a risk on a new author. The bottom dollar is what counts. You could be a bad writer and have bad theology but be well-known and people will buy your stuff because they know who you are. This whole thing, it is a business. However, I am still sad that the content and quality of my writing don’t count, don’t count for enough just now. Am I to be inauthentic in trying to garner an audience and notoriety just to get a book deal? Do I spend time into inauthentically trying to make myself into a Christian superstar just to sell a book? I don’t think I can do that. Understand that I am not saying that everyone who is published is doing that but some are.

God is taking me through the wilderness of his calling on my life. Hopefully, that’ll make my writing better and enable me to pass on what he is teaching me.

And I say to you, take courage in whatever God is calling you to do or be. He tests our callings. David was anointed by Samuel as king of Israel. However, it would be 14-20 years from the time he was anointed until the time he took the throne. You’d think that his ascension to the throne would quickly follow on the heels of his anointing. But it did not. He was in hiding, pursued by Saul, hounded by others. I bet you he wondered, “Were Samuel or I out of our minds? Did God really call me to be King? If he did, he sure has a funny way of going about it.” That is how I feel right now, “Did God really call me to write? To pass on what he has taught me? He has a funny way of going about it.” I’ll keep you updated on the developments. It is completely a faith walk in the wilderness–on the journey through this life. But know that what I am going through and what you are going through as far as our callings being tested is nothing new. Joseph went through it, Moses went through it, David went through it, Jesus went through it, and many other people in history have gone through it.

In the mean time, until God fulfills his author plans for me, I hope to write on the blog more frequently. The lapses in blogging are due to me sending out book proposals or working on my drafts. Both take a lot out of me and a lot of prayer.

Peace in the name of our Lord.

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