Really – Do We Think God Generous or Stingy?

Whether we believe God is generous or stingy makes all the difference in the world. It makes all the difference in how we live. We say God is generous, or at least, many of us do, but we relate to him as if he is stingy. 

I talk about this in my book when it comes to God’s provision and his attitude toward us. We live out the theology we hold, not just the theology we articulate. A college student, Emma, shared this excerpt from of A Beautiful Disaster, an excerpt she appreciated:

“It is we who must learn to receive God’s gifts. Only a soul wide awake, a heart tenderized through suffering and sacrifice while in communion with God, learns to receive with gratitude. God desires that we know Him as loving and most gracious, always providing for His children and for those who do not even acknowledge Him. With the same affection expressed toward the older brother in the story of the prodigal, He beckons us, saying, ‘Everything I have is yours (Luke 15:31).’ He enthusiastically provides us with His life and His joy.”

-A Beautiful Disaster by Marlena Graves

Do we really believe God is generous or deep down do we really believe he is ripping us off? Reflect on Luke 15:31: “Everything I have is yours.” What does that mean for your life? What is God saying to you? Do you have to wrestle with him over the truth of that statement? Call him to accounts? Maybe you do. That’s alright. I think when we really start to believe that statement, that everything he has is ours and that his is a disposition of generosity, we are transformed.

It’s really okay to wrestle with him and to tell him that you don’t believe it. Ask him to show you the truth of “Everything I have is yours”.  It could take years. But he’ll do it.

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