Sincere Questions About God’s Existence – Seeking Answers

Lately I’ve spoken to a number of students who used to believe in God but are now not sure if He exists. I should rephrase that. In the past they called themselves Christians but now cannot. Some have the perennial question concerning the problem of evil. If God exists, why would He allow suffering, my suffering? Others wonder how Christians can say that a good Muslim or nonbeliever will go to hell when so many “Christians” are going to heaven because they’ve said a prayer yet live nothing like Jesus.
I try to gently walk with these students who have confided in me. I offer my observations, and the thoughts of the wise believers present and past. Yet, I feel inadequate–convinced that our conversations and not even my life can convince them of God’s existence although I would like them to. I know the Holy Spirit has to open their eyes.
Do you have any thoughts? Many have testified to me of God’s existence and of the truth of Jesus’ gospel–from the great cloud of witnesses that have gone before me, to creation, tradition, the living Christian community, church history, and Scripture. However, I too have had my times of doubts, the long night of the soul. I don’t want to offer trite, thoughtless answers.
Any words of wisdom from readers or from Christians who happen to stumble upon this blog for those doubting yet wanting to believe?
Thank you.

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  1. Sometimes I feel like the individualistic approach to Church and Christianity can becoming crippling to believers — they feel isolated. Because Jesus is supposed to be our own “personal pal,” we cannot see the restorative work playing out in the kingdom. I was convinced that Christ existed when my life took a sharp turn for the better and the world came into focus — I became radically different. But this cannot be the only thing that happens. We must engage in His work in the world — we must continually experience His presence through actively working for the Kingdom.

    … Just an idea.

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