Something I read by Scot McKnight Meant So Much…

I read this on September 9, 2009 on Scot McKnight’s blog: Jesus Creed. You can find it at

“The message of life threatens some in powerful places. Those who proclaim this message are not always in positions of power, and as such the powers that exist are threatened by the gospeling power of the insignificant ones empowered by God to preach and declare God’s wonders. The apostles are in God’s hands and protected by God’s hands. A piece of theology very important in missional theology. There is nearly a pitiful irony in this: those in power are outdone by the power of God; those who deny resurrection are challenged by those who do; those who control sacred space can’t control the space where God seeks to work.” He was commenting on Acts 5:17-26.

This quote encouraged me because it reminds me that even though I am a woman, the gospeling power is at work in me to preach God’s word and declare his wonders. I don’t have to be in power for God to work mightily. The disciples were unknowns and regarded with contempt by the religious establishment. But, God still used them to speak his word and change worlds. Whoever you are, whatever your status, God can use you mightily for the good of those around you…including sinful institutions within your sphere of influence. Your gender, race, and economic status matter not to God. He gives grace to the humble.

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