The Basics

We get all out of sorts all of the time don’t we? Disoriented. We wonder where God is at, wonder why there seems to be no deepening in our relationship with him or much goodness blossoming in the world. Instead of walking away from the person we were a moment ago we find ourselves walking toward the person we don’t want to be–walking toward the person we were a moment ago.

Why is it that we find ourselves constantly in such a state, a state where there seems to be no growth in grace? Well, obviously there is not a simple answer, but I think I can add a piece to the puzzle of the answer. A piece that you and I are familiar with, but one that we need to be reminded exists.

It could be that our perceptions are just jazzed up or it could be failure to engage in the basics.

The basics. You know how eight hours sleep, healthy eating, and excercise are of great help in living a salutatory life? Likewise so are the basics of prayer, solitude, fellowship, service, confession of sins, the reading of Scripture, and celebration of great help in the spiritual component that makes up our life.

The problem is, it’s so hard for us to do the basics in the physical part of our life as well as in the spiritual part of our life. They are both part of the same life and so I don’t want to dis-integrate them. Our physical part of life affects our spiritual part of life and vice versa.

So why don’t we pray for grace to do the basics?  Pick one thing? It’s impossible to change all at once. But God working through us and in conjunction with decisions of our will–does bring about change.  Little by little.

I encourage you and myself to pick one of the basics and ask God for grace to make it a habit in our lives. The more of the basics that we practice the more peace and stability in our lives. May this truth travel what appears to be the short distance between our heads and our hearts.

2 thoughts on “The Basics

  1. Thank you for this great reminder. Whenever I feel out of connection I know that I am neglecting myself in some way, either in the physical or spiritual. I just returned home after a business trip and had to modify my practices. This was a great reminder this morning to just get back into it.

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