A Thought on Our Reputations This Epiphany

For those unfamiliar with the seasons of the Christian year, I include information about the season of Epiphany that is traditionally celebrated today, Janurary 6th, in the West. I also want to inlcude some thoughts about revealing Jesus in our lives.

The term epiphany means “to show” or “to make known” or even “to reveal.” In Western churches, it remembers the coming of the wise men bringing gifts to visit the Christ child, who by so doing “reveal” Jesus to the world as Lord and King. In some Central and South American countries influenced by Catholic tradition, Three Kings’ Day, or the night before, is the time for opening Christmas presents. In some eastern churches, Epiphany or the Theophany commemorates Jesus’ baptism, with the visit of the Magi linked to Christmas. In some churches the day is celebrated as Christmas, with Epiphany/Theophany occurring on January 19th. The colors of Epiphany are usually the colors of Christmas, white and gold, the colors of celebration, newness, and hope that mark the most sacred days of the church year.

Taken from Dennis Bratcher’s site, Seasons of the Christian year:  http://www.crivoice.org/chyear.html

I have written about this before, but I thought it would be a good reminder to both of us this Epiphany of 2011. The question I’ve been thinking about is this: What is our reputation with those closest to us? Would those who know us best say that over all, we are living like Jesus, revealing him in our everyday life? It doesn’t matter what our public or virtual image communicates. To some extent, we can control that. But it is our family and friends–those closest to us that can speak to who we are in Christ.

I am not talking about perfection though we should strive to be like Jesus in every way through the power of God’s grace. But I am asking, are we revealing Jesus in our everyday lives? Are we showing him forth? He can’t help but burst forth if he comfortably resides within every part of us. Let us not think we are holy just because we can clearly espouse doctrines or notions of the Christian life. Our everday lives speak to who we are. Are we living our lives like Jesus would live if he were us?

Perhaps some reflection and silence are necessary before we too quickly offer an answer to that question. May God reveal Christ to us and through us this Epiphany.

May God grant you his peace.

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