God Reveals Our Identities in the Wilderness

Revelation of identity. Whether consciously or subconsciously, many of us spend our time searching for our identities, while others of us are desperately seeking to shed them in favor of becoming someone else. “Who am I?”, “Who can I become?”, and “Where do I belong?” are the questions that pull at us, motivating much of our behavior. Upon reflection, we find that deep inside of our souls dwells the haunting suspicion that who we are now is a mere phantom of who we’re supposed to be, or perhaps nowhere close to who we’re supposed to be. We’re half alive, searching for life, trying to find ourselves.

That is why the realization that God chooses to reveal who we are during our wilderness journey comes as such a shock. It is probably the last place we thought to look. It seems incredibly strange that God would reveal our identities in the crucible of life. But he often does.

During Lent I will not be writing new posts but will be scheduling reposts to be posted. These are some that I think are dandy. Blessings to you these 40 days as you walk with Christ through the wilderness.

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