Purification in the Wilderness of Suffering.

During Lent I will not be writing new posts but will be scheduling reposts to be posted. These are some that I think are dandy. Blessings to you these 40 days as you walk with Christ through the wilderness.


God uses wilderness experiences to purge us of multi-layered, deep-rooted sins, imperfections, and falsehoods. While they may or may not be obvious to us, they’ve burrowed down into the crevices of our souls. God aims to purge us of these deeply buried anti-Gods lest they attempt to overthrow him. But he is gracious and compassionate. Purgation is such an agonizing process that he does not purify us all at once lest we perish. Instead, during each wilderness experience he removes one layer. The next layer he leaves for another time. Even so, a sort of death happens in each stage of wilderness purification: mortification, repentance and death to the anti-Gods within, including the anti-God of self.

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