I Will Not Share My Glory

I thought I would post something I wrote several years ago. I may have posted a while ago…but I thought it was worthwhile and that it’ll be a nice addendum to a blog post I have elsewhere.

“Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in humility that come from wisdom.” James 3:13

The humble are indeed the most wise. Why? Because they have a proper understanding of both God and themselves. Their fear of God compels them to spread his fame rather than their own. Often they are overlooked because they do not call attention to themselves.

Are we seeking celebrity status in the Christian culture or are we content to be inconspicuously placed mirrors reflecting his glory? Who do others see when we minister? More of us or more of Jesus? Are we unknowningly redirecting the glory he deserves to ourselves? We must not let our charisma or natural talent blur his reflection in our  lives. Instead, we demonstrate our wisdom when we curb our tendency toward self-promotion so that in all aspects of our lives he has preeminence.

Let us examine ourselves to determine the motives behind our actions. Is there any hint of applause-seeking in the good deeds done in the sight of others? Do we, like Annanias and Sapphira, desire that others validate our righteousness (Acts 5:1-10). Do we desire that we, our ministries, or churches, become the next Christian superstars? Let’s be honest. We must confess that such accolade-seeking is rampant in the Christian culture.

All of us have lacked, and some of us still lack the humilty that comes from wisdom. God demands that we be honest, that we have “truth in the inner most parts” (Psalm 51:6). If we primarily seek celebrity, unbelievers will sense this and put no more stock in God than we do. Even they can figure out if we are using God as a means to elevate our selves. Often believers are the ones more easily hood-winked.

We must remember that the Lord is a jealous God who refuses to share his glory with anyone else, including his children (Isaiah 48:11).

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