Kids Becoming Like Jesus

My friend Lacy Finn Borgo – is genius at taking spiritual formation concepts and applying them (and teaching parents, family members, and churches to apply them) to children. She has a wonderful ministry called Stepping Stones – spiritual formation curriculum for parents/guardians and children and churches. She is endorsed by Renovare and a part of my cohort in the Renovare Spiritual Formation Institute. Her suggestions are very organic.You can apply her concepts at home and in church and anywhere else you desire to teach children to live like Jesus–it’s a curriculum for Christlikness for children. She teaches us how to bring the little children to Jesus! Sooner or later, she’ll have a book and curriculum out so that more people can benefit from the wisdom God has given her and others. She and another friend of mine, Ben Barczi, even have a booklet for children for Lent! If you want to get in touch with her, let me know. Here is a post of hers on the Renovare Blog. It is a must read:

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