Jesus, Success & The Way of Salvation

For those of you who know you have no thing and no one to recommend you other than God. Here are some words from Tim Keller in his book, Counterfeit Gods.

“All during his ministry, the disciples continually asked Jesus, ‘When are you going to take power? When are you going to stop fraternizing with the simple people? When are you going to start networking and raising money? When will you run for office? When’s the first primary? When’s our first TV special?’ Instead Jesus served humbly and then was tortured and killed. Even when Jesus rose from the dead he first appeared to women, the people who then had no status. Jesus’s salvation is received not through strength but through the admission of weakness and need. And Jesus’s salvation was achieved not through strength but through surrender, service, sacrifice, and death. This is one of the great messages of the Bible: God chooses the weak things of the world to shame the strong, the foolish and despised things to shame the wise,  even the things that are not, to bring  to nothing the things that are (I Corinthians 1:29-31). That’s how God does it.”

pp. 95-96

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